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Relocate my car
Relocate my car Relocate my car
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Moving your car across the country can be easy with the help of Continental Auto Relocators. But before you get started, you may want to take a look at our most frequently asked questions below.

1. How Is A Transport Supposed To Work?
Auto transport is very simple -- You should receive a call from the carrier anywhere from 10 to 24 hours in advance of your pick up date. The driver will arrive at the pick up point, he'll inspect the vehicle with you and provide you with a condition report before loading your vehicle on the truck. The reverse happens at the delivery point -- the driver calls in advance and you will inspect the vehicle with him at the time of delivery to look for any damage to the vehicle. That's all there is to it!

2. How Far In Advance Do I Need To Schedule My Shipment?
We prefer you schedule your move 10 to 14 days prior to your ideal pick up date.

3. How Long Will It Take To Transport My Vehicle?
All shipping times are estimated. Do not base your transport on these examples without first contacting your shipper for assistance. • East Coast to West Coast - Approximately 7 to 14 days • Midwest to East or West Coast - Approximately 5 to 8 days • South to North - Approximately 5 to 8 days

4. Is Service Door To Door?
"Door to Door" means "as close as the truck can legally and safely reach". However, in some cases, it may be necessary to meet the truck at a prearranged location to load and unload. This may occur because of local weight restrictions, low hanging branches, narrow streets, low bridges or other difficulty reaching your neighborhood.

5. Is a Deposit required?
You will need to submit a deposit to us with your shipping order. We encourage you to speak with one of our staff prior to sending in your deposit so we can answer all of your questions or just explain the process so you feel comfortable with our services.

6. Can I Pack Anything In My Car?
No! In the past the carriers allowed this practice but in recent years this has changed. The Department Of Transportation sets weight limits and any truck exceeding that limit will be fined. Since more people are shipping SUVs than ever before, this limits how many cars will actually fit based on the size and weight of each one. If for some reason something accidentally gets shipped in the vehicle, neither the items nor any damage caused by them is covered by insurance. The driver is not responsible for personal or household items. Our carriers are strictly automotive carriers. The D.O.T. does not allow them to ship anything else.

7. Can I Put A Car Cover On My Vehicle?
No! It sounds like a great idea, however, it often damages the cars finish. This occurs when your vehicle travels several hundred (or thousands) of miles with the cover flapping back and forth against the paint. There is also a good chance that it will fly off in transit at some point. If you're extremely concerned, call us for reassurance or inquire about transporting your vehicle with one of our enclosed carriers.

8. What Do I Need To Do To Prepare My Car For Shipment?
Make sure there are no personal items inside, leave approximately 1/4 tank of gas, and be sure to give your keys to the driver.

9. Will I Be Notified As To What Time My Car Will Be Picked Up And Delivered?
Contact is usually made (or at least attempted) 24 hours in advance. The driver or dispatcher will provide you with a time frame and will ask for directions to your neighborhood. They will also advise you if it is necessary to meet him/her (usually at a shopping center or large parking lot) for pick up or delivery if he/she can't get right to your door.

10. What Happens If I Am Not At Pick Up/ Delivery?
In the event you are not available at the time of pick up, you will need to make arrangements to have a friend, neighbor, or co-worker release your vehicle. If that is not possible for you we can usually locate a terminal where you can deliver your car until we can pick it up. If you are unavailable or if we cannot contact you at the time of delivery, your car may be dropped off at a terminal (which may not be nearby). A terminal drop fee and any storage fees must be paid to the terminal prior to receiving your vehicle. Additional delivery charges may be assessed if you require the car to be delivered and you can't pick it up yourself.

11. What Should I Do If My Vehicle Arrives With Damage?
First, make sure that the driver understands that the damage is new and was not noted on the original bill of lading when the car was picked up. The new damage should clearly be marked and noted, then signed for by the driver. Upon completion of delivery, a call should be placed to the carriers office to inform them of the damage. In most cases the carrier will ask for an estimate and send you payment in a couple of weeks. If the carrier is not responsive and unwilling to work with you to resolve the issue, make sure that you contact their insurance company and make a claim. Be sure however, that you have all the documentation to back up your claim. False claims can result in legal action by the carrier or broker.



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